Xmas Part III - The Spring and Shanghai Restaurant

OK, I am really polluting my blog with food stuff. Anyway, this is the final part of my Christmas celebration and eating feast. Holidays and celebrations will not be complete without any shopping action on the list. So, BF and I went to The Spring for shopping.

As we pass through the Padini shop, the sales looks so attractive that I cannot resist not to go into the shop. This time, I asked the workers there if the sales is only for members. They told me that it is for everyone and the sales ends after that day.

Hhmmmm, so I grab few clothes and try them on. Grab a dark chocolate color shirt and it really looks so nice that I decided to buy it. Before discount, it would be RM75+. After discount is RM30+....
BF get himself a shirt too. After that he keep showing off his shirt to me ... Hey, I also got!
After that, I get myself ready for another round of heavy dinner. It is to introduce my cousin's husband to all of us as we did not attend her wedding in KL. The food as Shanghai Restaurant is extremely yummy! With the super nice decorations and waitress in cheongsam, I really felt like I'm in Shanghai. Hahaha...

I totally forgotten about photo taking that night as I'm blinded with the foods. Hehehe.... Anyway, the only photo that I snap that night is the waitress preparing a meal for the table next to us. I'm not sure what is that but there's fire coming out from the pot!! Too bad, the time I snap it, the fire is gone.


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