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Boulevard Shopping Mall - Jam Packed!!

Last Sunday, my dad and I went to Boulevard after our dinner. Well, I got bored cleaning the house and there's nothing to do already so I just got the idea to go for free air-conditioned place to hang out. BF is working, so he didn't follow this time.

I'm shocked when I reached there. Good thing is we are using motorcycle and not cars. Everyone is waiting for their turn to get a valid parking space. Some even dare to park at the road side at Seng Goon Garden. BF got a 'white ang pao' there once and we learn our lesson not to park at the roadside. Wondering what is white ang pao? Well, it is police traffic summone!

I wonder if the things there is much cheaper than the usual time. If it's not cheap, why is the place packed with human? Hahahaha .. For me, I've finished my CNY shopping. The only thing that I have not buy are cakes. This year, I'm not into spending money for those dangling accesories. I guess due to the economy downturn last year, everyone is more cautious over what we are spending...

The truth, I had no idea what to buy as my vision is blurred with my environment. Everywhere I looked, there's bunch of human crowding the area to get something...

Well, Chinese New Year happen once a year. For Chinese, this marks the beginning of the year. However, for this year, Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentines Day! Dual celebration. Yeahhhhh.....

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Rose 2:31 PM  

having Valentine's Day dinner at home! :p

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