Crispy Seaweed is Back

This year, being an extremely lazy girl, I only manage to make one type of foods for CNY - Crispy Seaweed!!! The main reason why I'm so motivated to do this one is because I wants to eat myself. Hehehehe.. If buy from outside, it is very expensive yet little. So, might as well that I make it myself.
I think I've posted the recipe. It's not my recipe though and I got it from JenJen.... It is actually very simple and easy.... All you need is white egg, seaweed and popiah skin. Cover the seaweed with popiah as both side. In order to make the seaweed stick to the popiah, use white egg. Then, cut into any size that suits you. After that, fry them. I didn't bake them as I felt the taste is not as nice as fry.
After fry, just put on some salt and pepper..BF suggested that in future, I tried other recipies as well. That is to put chicken floss in between the seaweed and popiah, use chillie powder rather than pepper, etc, etc .. Hhmmm, sound like I'm going to make crispy seaweed business... Kekekeke!!...
Anyway, I only remember to take the picture after everything is kept in the container ...


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