Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year and I can hear the sounds of fire crackers everywhere. When I'm a kid, Chinese New Year would be one of the best day of my life. Two simple reasons for a kid to love new year is ang pao and new clothes! I would be so busy asking my parents to bring me to relatives house to taste all sorts of foods and to collect more ang pao. For parents, this would mean more ang pao going out while the kids enjoying collecting them in return. Kekeke...

As I grew up and now officially working, Chinese New Year became the time for me to enjoy the long break and not thinking of work. Angpao? Well, apart from giving angpao to my dad and godmum, there's no angpao returning back to me. Sobs... But of course, I've receive my angpao from Nuffnang and Paypal. Yeah!!!

For the eve dinner, I can't stop thinking of crab. Yummmmmmm..... BF says he wants to cook clam and bring it over. Let's just wait and see if he is in the mood of cooking. The truth, I believe BF cooks better than me. BF call my cooking "Jumping Soup" (because I would usually cooked meats, veggies and whatsoever into one pot as soup and that will be the only dish to eat with rice).


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