Life is a Journey

Without realizing it, one month has passed and soon Chinese New Year will come. As of today, I don't really have any CNY mood though, I guess it's because of the rising of price everywhere that celebrations seems to be an unseen burden.

This year would be quite a busy year for me. Starting with registration for the RCIA class that I'll be joining starting on 22nd Feb. Yeah, I know some of you must be wondering why am I attending this class. It is a class for adults that wants to go for baptism and confirmation. I've been baptist when I'm still baby, went for confession class when I'm in primary. After that, didn't had the time to attend the confirmation class. Hahaha... First, it's because I want to concentrate on PMR, then SPM and later, I went to Miri for study. So drag up to today, I have not attend the class yet.

As beginning of the year, I've already have 2 agenda: RCIA class and finding a suitable investment, for now, I'll name it as Project H. Since early last week, I've been counting on my budget and expenses in order to ensure that my capital and expenses will not be too much of a burden once I've found the correct house as investment.

Apart from that, I seems to have neglected my blog so much that the page ranking had drop from 3 to 2. Sobs .... Hopefully, I can get back on track in my blog posting mood. I'm still waiting for my Nuffnang cheque and up to today, the status remains the same. Huh....

At work, will, gonna say in a brief only .. Everything is quite ok and hopefully there's another round of increment. Hahhaa... I believe this is everyone's hope. Heard from news that everything going to go up soon; food price, petrol price, raw material (for house) price, etc, etc ... Not sure how it will turn out but surely it will put a huge impact in our daily life. This world is getting into a money world rather than a comfy place for living things to enjoy. Don't you agree?

Earlier, I've set a resolution for this year. Up to today, I found it difficult to achieve with my new project (Project H). I would really need a miracles in achieving all the targets. I guess I'll just have to have faith and trust in Him. All is in His hand.

Well, life goes on no matter how much we nag or how much we complain. Life is how we look at it. If we look at it positively, it all turns out to be a challenge in life. But if we look at it negatively, it's just a huge impact that burdens and suffocate us.

Hopefully this tiger years would turns out to be a fun yet adventurous year for everyone.... Let's pray....


Rose said…
All the best in the Year of Tiger, Didi! Hmm, you remind me on re-checking my 2010 list. So far everything is in order and everything went well, I would be opening my first shop after CNY! :p
Anonymous said…
面對光明,陰影就在我們身後!加油哦! ....................................................

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