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Spring Cleaning for Chinese New Year

Sheessh, I think I lost weight due to house cleaning for the past few weeks. Hahaha...

Staying with 2 guys and being the only female in the house, you can expect to see my house looks like bachelor's house. My dad's 'territory' is the worst and he tends to keep everything even if it's useless stuff. I have 2 spoilt DVDs somewhere and my dad still reluctant to throw them away. Huh...
The moment I start to clean up the mess, my dad would just stay far away from me. Even my dog too will not come near to me. I tends to nag and nag and nag when I see all those junk being kept for no reason. I even found lots of lizards shit and eggs. Hhmmmm, I'm wondering if it belongs to the small lizard or the big lizards. My house has 2 big lizards and for chinese belief, it's not a good idea to chase them away as they brings in good luck. Hahaha....
All the rubbish and stuff that I dig out
Before Cleaning - top of cabinet is the most dirtiest
After cleaning - satisfied

When I start to throw things away, my dad start to see what I'm throwing away. Last year, I threw away his notes (which he wrote in a calendar dated 2005!!!). kekeke....
Arrangement for the drinks and tidbits for CNY
And also cleaning up the sink and arrange my cleanser + toothbrush

My room is indeed messy too. Last week, after cleaning part of the house and the windows, I starts to clean my own room too. First, vacuum away those spider webs (yeah, that's how dirty is my house), change the bedsheet and arrange my pillows and soft toys and then my accesories. It takes me 2 hours to put everything in its place.

After end of the day, I'm way too exhausted that I've forgotten about lunch....

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David Tamayo 4:45 PM  

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Was there a problem with the widget to see how "Evil" your site is? ;o) Regarding your post, everything sounds like it could have happened in my house yesterday, up to and including the part about the lizards. In the Philippine culture as well they are considered good luck. When they make sounds it is supposed to signify either that a visitor should be expected or there is money on the way. ;o) I followed your site on the friend connect as well. Take care. ;o)

Dav DiDi 5:12 PM  

Hi , thanks for the nice comments .. yeah, for chinese belief, it seems that when there's lizards, it means luck is on the way ... hhmmm .. i wonder how true ...

Mad Man Morro 9:08 PM  

Hi, thxs for taking a look at my blog. My room is always messy, i always let things build up to the point where, i have piles of junk everywhere then i'm forced to clean up lol, i think it comes down to bad habbits. =)

btw, love what you post, keep it up
=) i'm Adding it to my blog links

Mad Morro

Rose 9:33 PM  

you need the exercise right?:p I hate lizards, never heard of them bringing good luck in Chinese thinking! hahah!

Dav DiDi 7:18 AM  

Hi Mad Morro,
Thanks for visiting back ... yeah, me too .. my room is always so messy that sometimes my dad can't stand it as well .. hahaha

Rose, yalor, I take it as an exercise.. in fact i lost 1kg ... must be the cleaning .. kekeke .. i heard that lizards do bring goodluck.. but the big one.. the one that is about 10 inches de ..

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