A Week Before Chinese New Year

As CNY is around the corner, almost all my activities over the weekend involves the preparation of CNY. It's a very tiring weekend and weekday that I've neglected my blog for quite some times.
Yeah, I know some of you must have notice that I seldom blog now and the standard of my posting has degraded. Well, if there's too much important stuff, we can't expect to get on track in everything, right?

So, last weekend, dad and I went to Kenyalang to look at the CNY stalls that they have over there. We went there as early as 9.30AM. Hahaha, so don't expect much when you go early in the morning.

My dad 'bought' some kueh sepit. 'Bought' as of he 'buy', I pay. lol .... That's what I tell my godmum when my dad told her that he 'bought' kueh sepit and then spread it into two packets.

So after a short trip to Kenyalang, my dad suggested to go to The Spring. There, I saw a lot of my colleagues there. Wow, guess everyone thinks of The Spring at the same time? After a short walk, we went for breakfast+lunch=brunch. At first, I thought of going to Sugarbun but dad say it's quite pricey. HHmmm, what food that is at The Spring which don't cost few ringgits more than usual? Hahaha..

We settled with Nasi Lemak from Madam Tang. Quite nice and I would surely recommend everyone to try this out.
After the superb full lunch, my appetite crunch for Big Apple Donuts. Since BF doesn't like it and I think my dad won't like it as well, so I bought only 2 pieces. Hehehe ....
And a lipsticks @ Guardian ....


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