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Claypot Rice, Thompson Corner, Tabuan Jaya

This is going to be a short post ...

When I'm craving for claypot rice, the only place that I'll go is Thompson Corner, Tabuan Jaya. For me, they have the best claypot rice in the city. lol ...

Anyway, each time I got here, I never remember to snap the picture of the food. Most of the time, I'll be thinking 'where is my food'. They have a lot of customer, especially during lunch hour.

Since I forgot to snap the picture of thefood, I'll just describe what it is. It is actually steam rice which is cooked again in a pot, together with the chicken and the soy source. The salty fish makes the whole pot more tempting. Also, they include some chinese sausage in it...

For spicy lovers, the whole things is more perfect with the small serving of small chillies.

Anyway, I manage to snap a picture of BF enjoying the claypot rice.

2 tell DD:

Rose 2:26 PM  

nice har? never been there. I only try the claypot rice in Lee's Coffee Shop in Stutong and this corner shop in Jln Rubber. I must give this shop a try since pretty near to my house. Happy weekend, Didi!

Dav DiDi 8:29 AM  

Rose, for me, I like this one .. its the best that i ever tried .. hahaha ..

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