Breakfast at BDC - Chuan Phin cafe

I bet not everyone notice this coffee shop. The person who took care of this cafe seems to be pensioner. Most of them are covered with white hairs.

Although they are quite old already, but the food and coffee is here really nice. Well, the coffee is thick. It will surely awaken those who had them.

I ordered only 'sio bee' as I don't have any appetite that day. Anyway, the sio bee is quite nice.

BF order their kolo mee. You will get quite a special combination of kolo mee here. They have 2 slices of sio bee in the kolo mee. Also, it is served in a plate, not bowl. Hahaha... The taste is quite nice too.

Will go there again and see what they have ...


You eat You click You share And You make us hungry too. Anyways, Thanks for sharing.
Dav DiDi said…
Hahhaa .. well, it's life.. we have to eat for the sake of our tummy .. kekeke
Rose said…
Gosh! I stay so near yet I never knew this place. hahaha!
Dav DiDi said…
Rose, well, its habit i guess.. we never go eat at cafe near our house.. i didnt know whats good in hui sing too .. except for hui sing hawker stall la .. haha

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