Emptiness of The Space

Somehow, I felt the emptiness,
Emptiness without the spirits,
That brings atmosphere to life,
Although clock is ticking,
The space seems empty.

Daddy had left us,
Left us to defend ourselves,
In the emptiness of the space,
Under the care of grandpa

Hope things will be alright,
Alright for the all of us,
And overcome the emptiness,
That once again a living spirits.

We'lll be alright, We'll be ok,
It's fate which is written,
For us to get new daddy,
Or mommy.

Till then, faith is what covers us,
Faith for a bright stars ahead,
To cuddles us all the way,
In this journey of life

It's time to look in front,
What's ahead of the path,
Is the path our dream?
Or still a vision yet clear
Oh well, it's another journey,
Journey of metro life


Aries said…
Nicely said. Is this your real experience? If yes, then I wish you luck.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Aries,
Thanks for visiting my blog again .. Yeah, it's my experience .. but then, there's an inside meaning for it .. "daddy" doesn't really means "daddy" .. :) it's just not appropriate for me to reveal more, therefore, I put it in poetic form