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Go Bald & Give Hope at The Spring

Go bald and give hope - that's the campaign organized for Sarawak of Children Cancer Society in getting helps from everyone to support their organizations. Sarawak Children Cancer Society (SCCS) is a society for children diagnosed with cancer in Sarawak.

Medications to treat cancer is not cheap. I still remember one dose of medications for chemo could cost up to RM3,000. It depends on how serious and what kind of cancer a person has. Roughly one round of chemo would need two dose of this medications.

In appealing for the public generosity, a campaign "Go Bald & Give Hope" which will take place at The Spring is being created. For those who wants to donate, you can donate online or go to The Spring tomorrow. The event will be held at the South Court during this weekend - 15th and 16th May 2010.

I have done my part in contributing within my limit. What about you? Don't just sit there and pass through. Go to their website online and let's contribute some for the kids. They are too young to suffer!!

Hair loss is one of the side effect from the cancer treatment, most of it from the chemotherapy. Therefore, this organizations had chosen the theme of shaving their head bald to show their solidarity with cancer patients. Being bald is not a crime. It's faith that brings us on .. Let's have faith and spread the news.

See you there ....

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Dav DiDi 1:11 PM  

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