Honda Roadshow, The Spring, Kuching

Have anyone been to any Honda roadshow recently? Last weekend, there's a Honda roadshow at The Spring. I'm not sure if they do have it now but it's worth a try. During this roadshow, you can get a variety of discounts and ideas about what cars you really want.

Last weekend, I went to The Spring and realize there are dozens of Honda cars outside the mall. Although the sun is 'killing' me, I still went there to have a look at the cars.

Hhmmm, I wonder how long should I work to be able to get a car like Jazz? Or Honda City, or other brands of it.. Sigh, anyway, I'm not a big fan of cars, So, it don't bother me much about what brand of car I should drive. Kekeke..

Ok, I know, it's terribly hot. I only manage to stand there for less than 5 minutes...

My lunch for the day... "Mee Sua" at The Spring. Well, it's too salty though...


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