Hong Kong Noodles, Wisma Saberkas Revisit Again

Ok, I know, I have come here so many times that it is uncountable! It's just so into me that the food there never change its taste after so many years.

This time, I order their famous sizzling noodles (at least, it is famous to me) and my dad ordered stewed beef noodles.

One thing that makes me keep coming back is the noodle. It looks different, taste different and superb! The price is quite reasonable too. Considering that this place is air-conditioned and the food is within acceptable range, it is really worth it to come here and eat.

Don't believe? Total bill for the day is RM12 only (drinks + food). Isn't that's the price of eating outside at coffeeshop?
Nothing is complete without this ...
Ok, sizzling noodle is my one time favourite before I try their mee in pot. Out of sudden, the urge to had some sizzling noodles comes back. The reason why I don't really want to order this is because I can never finish them. It is only RM4!!

This time, my dad help me to eat. But then, still, I cannot finish them. Sigh, wasting!

My dad ordered their new dish - stewed beef noodles. Trust me, the beef is soft enough that you don't have to worry about the slices of the meat stuck in between your teeth!


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