Sanga Japanese Food

Have anyone been here? As recently I'm feeling down and moody, so I ask BF to go for some Japanese food to release the tension. We reach there at around 10.45am but their opening hours is 11.00am. Well, they are quite good as they still entertain us - the early customer.

While waiting for 11:00 am, BF and I looked through the menu to decide what to had for our lunch. Well, I totally forgotten about taking the menu picture. I'm way too excited to take pictures around the place. We sit outside of the restaurant (BF wants the nature wind than aircond).

BF ordered Crysanthemum tea (canned drinks) while for me, aloe vero drinks.

Errrmm, I can't really remember the name of the food that we ordered. One is beef, another is chicken...

The food is not bad and the portion is too much for me. I gave half of my rice to BF and still not able to finish my rice. Sigh... BF likes kimchi. Oh yeah, this is the first time I had japanese food with kimchi. Isn't kimchi belongs to korean food? Anyway, who cares! I loves kimchi too!!

Total cost = RM32

Overall the food is ok. I grade them 8 out of 10. As for service, 9 out of 10...

I guess, next, I'll try out other places Japanese food.....


Anonymous said…
Good you mentioned their name And price as well And the taste of the food. Will be good for others. Thanks for sharing And I am hungry too - currently having Bitter Melon juice. Anybody else???
Aries said…
Looks yummy but the rice looks like it's for 2. Yeah I agree the portion is too big. Have a nice day and thanks for sharing
Rose said…
Used to eat there when I worked nearby last time. Now I seldom go there. I like its unagi set.
Dav DiDi said…
Hobo, Bitter melon juice.. hhmm, is it bitter?

Aries, yeah, the portion of the rice is really a lot .. can't finish them even i've gave 1/4 to BF

Rose, is it? I thought of ordering the lunch set which is about rm10 but then that is only applicable on weekdays.

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