Ten-Ichi, The Japanese Sushi

I must admit that this is actually a super lagging posting. I keep on forgetting to write posting about this. Hahaha... Few weeks ago, my colleagues and I went to have our lunch at Ten-ichi. It is located next to Lok Thian (Kuching-lang would surely know where is Lok Thian).

We started our time by thinking of what to order. I like the layout of the menu book.

Anyway, I had not idea what are the names of all these foods after 2 weeks of dragging this post. Hope all of you would enjoy the superb food photos.

Firstly, of course the appetizer. Can't remember what this call but I like the soft taste of it.

The rest is out lunch ...

This is oysters .. but specific name, I forgot already. Haha!

Our boat of sushi

Another angle for our 'sushi boat'

I would definitely rate this place 9.5 out of 10 (nobody is perfect, therefore, no place is perfect too).