Experience with the Train in Osaka

Airport to Hotel

Thanks to google map and the website of place where I'm staying, I am able to find my way easily. From the airport, I took at railway to get to the nearest station where it can actually bring me to my hotel.

Thanks again to the super friendly policewomen that help to buy the train ticket and showed me the way that lead to the train. Also, thanks for the detailed information that ask me not to take the blue but silver train. Hehehe...

From airport to Namba station took me 5 minutes. My journey isn't end here as there's another train to catch before I reach my hotel. So, from Nankai railway to yotsubashi line takes me 15 minutes on foot (for me). I actually got lost in Nanba station. Sad sad.. This is the experience that I will never forget!

Again, I really feel blessed. When I'm about to give up and decide to take a cap from Namba station to my hotel, a stranger approach me and ask "are you lost?". Oh yes! I am lost and hungry and I really need some directions!!

She is so good and kind that she walked with me to the correct line, help me carry one of my bags and even help me to buy the train ticket! I really must say, she is like an angel sent from above to help me. From what she say, a lot of tourist got lost in this station.. There are two arrow showing yotsubashi and one of it need to pass outside the station.

My next station is Higobashi station. Everything is smooth here and I'm enjoying the cleanliness in the train. Everyone is so polite and helpful.

Hotel to Airport

Due to the bad experience on the first day, I tried to find some information on how to get to airport without passing through the Namba station.

So, while I went shopping at Nanba, I pay a visit to the tourist centre there. The lady is very kind and tell me that I don't have to take train from Namba station. I can simply take limousine bus which is very convenient and punctual.

I did just what she say and thank God, it really is indeed so much easier! Not only that, I get to see all over Osaka once again! Weeeeeee!!!


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