Goodie-licious in Osaka, Japan

Not going to write much. Just enjoy the food picture. Hehehehe...
Hotel breakfast ..

Box of BBQ rice. Ready to see what's inside?

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa, by looking at it can make me feel hungry already!

No idea what this is but the meat is nice and the soup is tasty

I think this is call Okanomiyaki (or something like that)

The inside - prawns, veggie, meat ...

This is bought in 24 hour shop. The salmon is really big

Another set lunch - rice & udon

Udon - ok lar

I can still feel the taste of this one. Really nice!

The only shop that gave me spoon in the whole 6 days in Japan!

Every meal in Japan comes with free green tea

No idea what is this
Soba, set lunch with tempura and rice
This is yummy!


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