45th MKA German Shepherd Dog Specialty Show

Ok, I must admit that this is extremely super late posting! I have totally no time to do any editing of the pictures or even to write about it. This few months has been crazily busy for me. Sigh...

Anyway, on the 23rd Oct, I went to watch the german shepherd show at jubilee ground. The event starts at around 4pm until 9pm. BF is crazy about german shepherd. We have been arguing about whether to keep a shepherd or rottweiler in future. lol!

Not going to talk much but to show the pictures that I've taken. Enjoy!

The judge, from Australia



Netster said…
Wow so many German Sheppard lovers in Kuching!

This is very interesting. How did you came to know such an event in Kuching?

Any other dog event that you know off? I don't like dog seriously but I love to take photo of them :)
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Netster,
Well, I just get to know about it from newspaper .. :)

There's another even - SSPCA Christmas Charity Bazaar soon ..
kallyempire said…
Yea~ Love them too! thanks for sharing =)

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