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Dine at Pai Jia Le

Couple of weeks ago, BF and I arranged for a family dinner - he bring his family while I bring mine.

Why PAI JIA LE? Well, BF is addicted with their hot and sour soup (or known as Szechuan soup). Sigh..

I ordered the 'o jien' and butter prawn. Whenever I go out eat, I definitely will get this two, provided the rest would know how to eat them. Hehehe ....

This time, we chose to dine at their first floor. The decorations on the first floor is much better! I love the way they make do with their curtains and lighting. There's a small stage which I believe is for 'karaoke'.

When the food arrive, I must admit that I am extremely hungry.

The food....
Must have!

Claypot pork with salted fish

Butter prawn
Fried Pork Rib

My favourite....!!!

Tadaaaa ... o jien

2 tell DD:

Netster 5:03 PM  

I am hungry right. So where is this place? how much was the whole dinner?

The deco looks modern.

Dav DiDi 12:48 PM  

its right opposite blessed sacrament church, BDC . yeah .. u should try it out

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