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Frenz and Family Cafe

Have anyone been to this new cafe? Actually not so new but for me, its new!! Hahaha ... If your have 'wow' book, you can actually get some discount from it.

Another farewell lunch that I've had is at this cafe. I must agree that they have a very nice and warmth environment. My friends complain about the air circulation though.

The food - not bad. But one thing that makes me wonder is that there's only one worker. Hhmmm, the cashier is the waitress. Hahaha .. !

I like the lamb chop. The meat is quite soft and not very 'red' too. The pasta is nice too. But I must say that, the pizza is the best. The one we ordered are the Hawaiaan Pizza. Yummy!! It is better than Pizza Hut and Pizza Junction. Hhmmmm....

3 tell DD:

Ching Ching 6:10 PM  

I like it. But people say not good.

Netster 1:57 AM  

I have wow card and a very nice card number too :)

I guess we shall give this place a buzz :)


Dav DiDi 12:51 PM  

the pizza nice..the rest .. ok ok lar ..

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