Ranchan Park

After I've submitted my resignation to my big boss, I actually feeling extremely guilty and sad to have the intention of leaving. I thought it suppose to be something I should be happy but then, his sincerity to ask me to stay really makes me feeling guilty.

Since my dad plan to go Serian, I decided to stop by at Ranchan to taste the cold water. Also, I need to clear my mind and release those tension in choosing between A or B. Although I know that I shouldn't turn back, but at a point, I felt guilty.

We stopped by the Serian market to have breakfast. My dad and I ordered fried kueh tiaw while BF order kolo mee. Oh well, food price in Serian is comparative with Kuching now.


There's not many people at that time though (or maybe I'm too early). I manage to take some pictures of the scenery there. Although there's a lot of lagenda about how 'dirty' this place is, I must admit that the environment is just so stress release!

I caught this fish from Ranchan. It is still breathing and happily in my dad's fish tank. hehehe

I must say that local people must really learn respect. THere's no admin fee to enter this park, which what I can say is abuse of the place. I can see rubbish everywhere and even the public toilet is not convenient. When playing the water, I wear my sandals at all time as I saw pieces of broken glass bottles everywhere. This is something we should try to correct it.

After the swim, I went to my uncle's house. Glad to see that their dog's loves me so much I had to lock him out there. lol!


Netster said…
I saw the word BF :) All the while I thought you are... (well) a boy :)

Anyway, Ranchan is a nice place when there 2 years ago and I have never gone back there since.

Our gov can do something about it if they wishes to but I guess it's not their main prority.

The water is not so nice to swim though... how did you manage that? hahahaha

Dav DiDi said…
haha..normally ppl will just stay near to the entrance..i gone up up up up ... and found that its actually much cleaner and deeper and cooler !

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