Farewell At Sweet Happiness

I thank my friends here for arranging this farewell for me. Its nice to have a chance to eat nice food together with those who value us, don't you think so?

Anyway, Sweet Happiness is located new to our office and its the best choice considering the time limitation that we have for lunch hour. Sorry, I'm not so good with description on places, etc.. Hahaha!

The food here is quite nice and you should try it out if you have the chance. This is also the first time I tried the BBQ pork leg. Hhhmmm, not bad oh!

The most unique 'teh c peng'

Tauhu, but I don't know the name of this dish

Soft shell crab, OK lar ...

The rest of the food

Pork Leg - BBQ

All the food are now in our stomachs. Hiak hiak hiak....


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