McGurk’s Public House

I must really admit that my blog is now polluted with more and more food pictures rather than about my life. Oh well, our life can’t go on without food, right? Hehehe…

If not mistaken, this Irish pub and restaurant is located at the O’Fallon town (or something like that). We passes by a Catholic church called the Assumption Church. I’ll post some photos of the church soon.

Most of the restaurant in US uses dim light. The environment is so comfortable that I think I could just fall asleep in no time. For this restaurant, I noticed that they have a big deer head hanging on the wall.

The restaurant is divided into two section – smoking and non smoking area. This is really something that we, Asian must learn. As the restaurant is packed with people, we had no choice but to sit at the smoking area.

Most of the food picture that I took in this restaurant is disappointing. I forgot to turn on the flash. Anyway, I love the soup here. It’s been a while since the last time I had some soup in one of my meals.


Aries said…
I find those photos quite alright. Looks yummy!

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