The Noodle Experts

Anyone been to this shop yet? This cafe that claim themselves to be The Noodle Experts is located at Kenyalang Park.

I must say that the service is extremely fast and the drink price is quite reasonable too. I ordered Kopi 'O' Peng and surprisingly, its only RM1.20 per glass! Some more, the coffee is very thick and not very sweet. I can't even see the ice after few minutes. This shows that the coffee is more than the ice. In normal coffee shop, most of the time, I paid for the ice cube and not the coffee. lol!

As I am sitting next to this toast bread stall, it tempted me to try out one of the recipes - Toast bread in floss (something like that). Trust me, it's quite nice.

I order the seafood mee as main dish. Although they are using the normal type of mee, but I must agree that it really do taste different than normal kolo mee.

Go try it out!


Netster said…
I shalll try it out. In Kenyapark Park got such a nice and clean building? surprise me from yoru photo they look clean :)

Thanks for sharing
Dav DiDi said…
Its at the back of the shops. It really is clean and the food is nice too .. something special to try out