Osage Beach, Missouri

After being influenced by one of our colleagues, we decided to go to Osage Beach to get ourselves some branded stuff from the factory. The journey takes about 3 hours but we reached there in 2 hours time. Hhmm, I wonder if we will get any summons for speeding. Only 5 of us, instead of 8 went to Osage Beach.

Along the journey, I didn’t really sleep. The moment my eye started to close, one of my colleagues would wake me up. Sigh, excuse is that I must stay awake to accompany him talking to our ‘driver’. I got bored and start to play around with my camera, simply snap whatever photos of scenery out there.

On our journey to Osage Beach

"Driver" and "Navigator - with the help of the little screen in front

When we reached there, our first stop is COACH factory store. Well, this is the main reason why my colleague wants to come here. We are very lucky that day as they have sales up to 50% plus total discount of 30% for items purchased. For example, if the bag itself has a discount of 50%, when you pay for the bag, the discounts you get are 50% + 30%. From the influence of all my friends, I bought a small bag for USD80 but after discount, the bag cost about USD50+. Hahaha..

Next stop – NIKE. AT first, I’m very disappointed as I couldn’t find a shoes that fits my leg. They simply do not have small size to fit my leg. I ended up looking for my sport shoes at the kids section. Lol!

Apart from that, we went to GAP store, Adidas and even toy stores. Of course I get nothing from the toy stores. In GAP, I get myself a jeans and for BF too but he complaint that the size just way too big. Well, it’s the smallest one already. Haha.. I must say that I feel happy while buying jeans in US. Reason is because I get to wear size below 28! The jeans that I bought in GAP is 25. Lol..

Iron Man!!!

After 3 hours of shopping, we decided to hunt for food. Surprisingly, there’s only one shop selling food. Huh, with hungry stomach, we just enter the shop and order some burgers or hotdogs, whatever it is that can filled our stomach.

My 'saviour' to coldness

As we have dinner that night, we decided to head back to our hotel at 3pm. During the journey back, I totally dozed off and didn’t even realize it until its near our hotel. Hahaha…

The result for a day shopping ...


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