Winter Clothing Shopping

Few weeks ago, I have been busy rescheduling and changing my last day at X* just because of the preparation to go for business trip. In between the tight schedule that I have, I need to get myself a winter coat as well. Arghhh!! So rush!!

Thanks to SK as she told me that Boulevard got sales for winter clothing and is really worth the value. So, in order to avoid last minute shopping, I quickly got my feet into Boulevard to have a look at all the winter wear. It is CHEAP!!!

Yeah, I've got one winter coat, gloves, scarf and one sweater. All this for less than RM130!!!! I can claim up to max 1K but I've just spent RM100 for the winter coat. lol...

Shall I shop for another one in US later?


Aries said…
Like those shoes. It should be cold there around this time of the year Have a safe trip.
Dav DiDi said…
Aries, thanks ...yeah .. i like the boots too

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