Scam in Yahoo Messenger

Recently I realize something amiss when I got message from my online friends that ask me to try a quiz. At first I thought it's just her that was really trying it. But as I'm working, so I did not try it out..

This morning, something hit me when different friend ask me to try it out. Guess what! The sentences that they use is exactly the same. This is ridiculous!! How can two person could write the exact 100% message? Even if twins, the sentences wrote will not be the same ..

This really hit me.. So I try to test this scammer to see if I'm truely talking to my friends or not. It appears NOT.

[04:48] my fren: hey there.

[07:16] my fren: my fren has buzzed you!

[07:16] my fren: my fren has buzzed you!

[04:51] my fren: how are you doing?

[07:17] dcly: hi..errmm u pm me ?

[07:17] my fren:

[07:18] my fren: got a 113 lol... thought I was smarter than that

[07:18] dcly: hows ur girl

[07:18] my fren: you should see if you can do better than me... if u can ill do somethin for ya

[07:19] dcly: sure if u ans me one ques ..

[07:19] my fren: try beating me... I bet you cant haha.

[07:19] my fren: i'll try it if u ans me one ques

[07:19] my fren: take it now while I take a shower!

[07:20] dcly: not gonna try the quiz until u ans one ques

[07:20] my fren: ill be back in a few after im all fresh lol

[07:20] dcly: what is my full name and where is my hometown ..

[07:20] my fren: BRB .. take that test!

[07:20] dcly: if u cant answer this ... get out of my fren's ym!

Hey, everyone, if you receive a message from your friend that ask you to try out a quiz, ASK THAT PERSON SIMPLE QUESTION!!!!! If there's no answer provided, DON"T OPEN THE LINK !!!!!


Xemnas said…
haha thank you for posting this.. I knew there was something wrong with the way this friend of mine was chatting... so I copied the link and searched it on google first.. and thank god the first link found in search was this blog page.. ^__^ thanks again..
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Xemnas .. Welcome .. oh well, I just feel weird why is it that two different people could say the same words .. and to verify if i'm talking to my friend, easiest is to ask simple question ..
Scotty said…
Please consider providing link to - Report All Scams Here. empowering people with information to protect themselves and others. Thanks!

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