Gamers' Heaven, Hock Lee Centre

Recently, I've fun time accompany my cousin's kids. Amongst those places that would be interesting for them is the Game Shop at Hock Lee Centre.

So, while their mother is having fun time in doing her stuff, I've 'kidnap' 3 of her armies and bring them to Hock Lee Centre for some game sessions.

It's fun and cool to see kids playing games and enjoying their fun time. I must say that we should educate the young ones of the goods and bads of spending time in games. Coming to this place brings back old memories too.

When I'm in university, I use to come with friends to play arcade games as a way to reduce our stressed over the homework in uni. After 5 long years of not touching one arcade, I totally forgotten how to play. SOBS

Anyway, for those gamers and had never been here, you should come here at least one time!

** Never ever let your kids get addicted to the games. It is rather expensive if we are to come here every week.


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