eOe Special Month Product Shopping and Photo Printing

Previously, I have wrote several posting about eoe online printing. This time, eoe is taking another step forward by introducing their special of the month product shopping! Trust me, the price for product of the month is rather attractives. It's worth the look!

I remember there's one time when I went to a nearest photo printing shop. The printing cost me 60 cents per piece! Gosh, this is unbelievably expensive in my opinion. Leaving without choice since I need the picture urgently, I just take the deal. How I wish that I have not taken the deal! The photo images is rather depressing. Some of the pictures doesn't have human head, legs or the environment is missing. Sheessh! And their reason is that my picture format doesn't tally to the size of the printing. I got so annoyed after that.

I have tried eoe services before and I am very satisfy with their Online Photo Printing services. The price is very attractive too. With as low as 30 cents for 4R and 50 cents for 5R, I can have my photos printed and mailed to me at my very fingertips. Isn't this wonderful?

Forget about driving to the nearest photoshop. Forget about the hassle of going back to the photoshop to collect the ready photo. And forget about parkings, cost, etc. With eoe, we can do all the printing even in our office desktop!

For bloggers who have participate in their Blogger's Review Program previously, now, you can get free 8R prints with photo frames!!


nana said…
staggering by. Hope you'll have a nice day. Brat's a little tired of being bratty today

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