Tempozan Ferris Wheels & Marketplace

Tempozan marketplace is actually a mall, located within the Tempozan Harbor Village. There's game park (bigger than the one in Kuching), eatery and of course - shopping. We can get a lot of souvenirs here, the only problem is the cost for the souvenirs.

Tempozan ferris wheel is just beside this mall, with the diamete of 100 meters and stands at 112 meters tall. From here, you can have a good view of Osaka Harbor. One ride takes about 15 minutes.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel

At first, my initial plan of going to Tempozan Marketplace is actually to shop for souvenirs. However, it's really taking my breath away when everything that I touch, needs at least RM10! How to get souvenir to everyone when everything is so expensive? Sobs.. For example, a cute Japanese figured keychain would cost about JPY500, which is RM15++. Sigh!!

So instead, I walked around and tried some food that I never had before. You must be thinking how do I make my order. Its simple! I just point at the picture and show one. Hehehe ... I did not include food photo here. Gonna do that in separate posting where I'll publish all the food picture I had during my trip in Japan.

Ok, so what's fun here.. First, the toilet is superbly clean. Second, the environment is very comfortable and nice. You can get whatever that you want here - sandals, shoes, clothes, action figures, food, you name it! I thought of getting a small action figures for BF, but when I compare the price with the one back home, its surprising that Kuching is cheaper. lol..

OK, what else, I snap some pictures of the decorations..

After had my fun, I decided to go into the ferris wheel. Can't remember how much the entrance fee is, but i think roughly JPY600. Oh well, once in a lifetime, right? I can see almost the whole Osaka from here and it's really comfortable to be in it. It is air-condition!

Next - Osaka Science Museum


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