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Kaiyukan, The Aquarium

Before my trip to Japan, I have tried the google maps to get me to Kaiyukan. When I'm there, everything looks just like what is in the maps. This really show how advance this country is.
From my hotel, it takes about 15 minutes to get to Kaiyukan. Some of you must be thinking what is Kaiyukan. This is actually big aquarium full with facinating under water creature. I can't wait to see my lovely dolphin!
Entrance fee is JPY 2,000 (roughly RM70+) and I rent the translation device which cost me about JPY300. Anyway, I'm a bit regret renting it because during the whole journey underneath, I'm way too concentrate looking at the animals that I didn't even listen to the device. lol..
Anyway, the fishes ...

The Japan Forest

Sea lion

Guppies .. hhmmmm

The most adorable penguin!

Penguin ...
Dolphin ..

Humpback whale

Biggest turtle I've ever seen!

Biggest crab!

Red colored one...

I love the touch of this creature ..

This one is super rough

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