Osaka Park - Part I

From my hotel, I took the train to travel from Higobashi station to Nishi-Umeda station. This only takes about few minutes. Then, from Nishi-Umeda, I change to Hon-machi line to get to Morinomiya station. I must really say thank you to the hotel receptions lady who explains to me how to read the map of the trains. It really makes me life a whole lot easier.

I'm quite eager and excited to come here since I've heard a lot of good comments about Osaka Park and Castle from other attendees of the conference. When I reach Morinomiya station, I can see the Osaka Park. My first impression - "Wow!!" and then second impression, "Where's the castle?".

I can't really see the castle from where I'm standing. So, I go further ahead, walking around the park, saw this drink machine and bought one bottle of mineral. After about 10 minutes walking around the park, accompanying with the sound of the crow. Yeah, trust me, there's plenty of this birds over there!

I really must say that I am very amazed with the creativity and imagination of the japanese. I feel very comfortable to walk around the park, although the place is burning hot. The park is so big and I can't find the castle. Saw some japanese folk looking at me, I approach them and say 'eigo'. It looks to me that, they don't speak English. So, to make matters easy, I point the picture of Osaka Castle that I have in the catalogue. The Japanese folk understood and again, using sign language, he tells me to climb the stairs and I can see the castle.

The stairs - hhmmmm, so many steps!! It takes my breath just to climb the stairs. Ok, this shows that I lacked of stamina. Should have done more exercise when I'm back home.

Stair way to castle

Finally, after the stairs, I saw the castle. BUT the castle looks so small from where I'm standing!! There's a whole lot more journey to go to reach this castle. Argghhhhhhh!!!!

Very nice arts, don't you think so?

And then, I continue walking. Thank goodness that the places is full with trees that I don't feel the heat of the sun. After about 15 minutes of walking, I finally a big crowd and the castle is just right in front of me. So, I walked towards the castle door and realize that I need another 5 minutes to reach the entrance. Argghhhhh ... !!!
I can't remember the entrance fee though but the leg pain and tiredness of coming here is definitely worth it. The castle is really big and classical. I like the decorations that they have here and I get to see the whole Osaka from the top of the castle. This is really a dream come true to come here and visit those historical places.
Osaka castle, wait for me !!


Aries said…
Lovely photos of Japan, thanks for sharing. I like those silver birds on the railing - so artistic of them. Nice. Can't wait for more.
Dav DiDi said…
Hi Aries, Thanks for visiting back again ..

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