100 Plus Challenge the Adrenaline

100 plus is having their fun with the public at the 4th mile Everise last weekend. Due to the cloudy weather, I chose to go to the nearest food place to fill up my stomach. Anyone taking part with the activities that they are having?

The event had 3 games organized for the public for free. It covers all ages including kids as young as 3 years old! So what can a 3 year old kid do? Well, they can hit themselves on the sticky wall! Lol! It looks fun though. How I wish I'm 5 years old now!

I am more attractive with the driving simulation that they have. If not because all the participants is kids, I will surely sign up to have my fun too! This reminds me of the driving games in Hock Lee Centre. Hhhmmmm, anyone wants to go with me to play games? Haha!

Most of all, its the gokart game. Just register and you get to play the gokart. If you are fast enough to break the record they have, you get the chance to take pictures with the pretty lady. Hahahaha.....


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