Disaster in Japan - Let's Pray for All the People

Last Friday, when I had meetings with some representative from Japan, we talked about earthquake in Japan. Some of the counterparts says they couldn't get in touch of their family back home. If I am them, I'll be worrying sick about their conditions.

I still remember Japan is a very nice country with very friendly and helpful people. When I'm there last year, it's quite frustrated for me when I got lost. Thank God that I've met some helpful and kind Japanese people that willing to help me go around. I don't feel unsecure. Not even for a second!

After the worst earthquake ever last Friday, another earthquake strike Japan again. Followed with the nuclear explosion and radiations. God help them.

When I saw the footage of how the waters sweep over the cities where houses got swept away just like a piece of paper. This is so scary. Somehow, I felt sad seeing so many people left homeless and worst still, all alone when their loves one got swept away into the oceans.

I pray and hope that all those survivor will be able to find strength and faith to continue their journey as they find ways to heal their 'wound'. Let us all pray for the people.


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