Meng Kui Cafe

I think its been a while since the last time I posted some photos of food in Kuching. Oh well, life is getting busier each day that I don't bother to do anything about my blog or taking pictures when I'm out searching for food or shopping.

2 more weeks and I'll be moving to our permanent workplace. We take this opportunity to try out all sorts of food in town. My colleagues recommended 'Heng hua' mee which he says is quite nice.

The reason that I like this place is because it  is very quiet and peaceful yet the food is reasonable. Nowadays, it is hard to find a nice coffeeshop in Kuching.

I must say that the noodles is quite different from normal types. I think I'll come back again to have another round if there's chance. This shop is next to a car centre called "Korean Car Center" - or something like that. Haha!


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