Ridiculous Driver

Have anyone thinks how ridiculous drivers in Kuching is? Well, for me, I must really say that whenever there's a small corner in between, there's always a stupid and nonsense driver that is not patience enough to wait for their turns!

As I'm now in termporary office, I bumps into so many crazy drivers. Not only they cut you without signals but they too can honk you when the traffic light is red. Lol!! I encounter one time where an Avanza driver knock my side mirror just to go to the front when the light is red. Can't you see that the light is now red? What is the difference between being in front of one car or queue behind?

The most common thing that Malaysian driver likes to do is to turn a one path into two path. This is so common that it became a tradition.

Now, do we really want to pass this bad habit to the new generations? Or should we start to educate the new generation what it meant to be polite and rasional?


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