Fish Head Noodle

Have anyone been to this coffee shop? I have heard people talking about this place for almost a year now but shame to say that this is the first time I’ve been here. Lol!

This shop is selling noodles, rice and ‘beehoon’ with the ingredient of fish. I must say that the fish is quite fresh. If you likes prawn, they too have menu of prawns together with the rice or noodles.

Another signature menu of this coffee shop is their fish soup with milk. I thought of ordering this menu but as I’m on diet, I decided to order the plain type. Hehehehe…

With the price that I’m paying, I’m satisfied with the portion that they serve me. However, if I am to come here for every lunch time, I’ll get broke in no time.

Fish soup with milk - FAT FAT!! RM7.50

Fish soup, plain RM7.50

This is the best!


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