Kimbay at The Spring

I guess not writing for quite some time had make me speechless in what I want to write in my blog. Hopefully, those who use to stop by my blog is still stopping by. Hope you're not annoyed by my short posting too.

We went to Kim Bay again at The Spring. I remember the last two visits here, I find that the food doesn't taste good. Trust me - if I say no, I really mean the food doesn't taste like what I expect (as the price is not cheap)

This time, I can see the portion is much more. That adds a point to it. BF order his nasi lemak rendang. He say its quite a lot and he couldn't finish them. lol ...

I order the simplest food of all - chicken ham sandwich as I don't feel hungry at all. Side orders is BF lovey dovey menu - tom yam soup

Overall, I still thinks that there's room for improvement. The food just so-so. If I am to choose, I would prefer much more to dine at Kimbay @ Hills


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