Sweet 29 Birthday

I must say that for this year, I felt so love by everyone around me - families, BF and even colleagues in office. This year is really something different and special year.

Normally, I would take leave on my birthday to celebrate it with families. I don't had any intention to work on my birthday. Hehehe ..

Anyway, I'm so touch !!!! Just see all those gifts that I've got from familes and friends..
Chicken Rice for brunch .. yummmm

I don't know what this called.. but I like this very much!

Buy durian to pollute my diets


Cake from the lovely colleague

Chicken pie from the lovely colleague

This not a present lah .. just showing off how much Mamee my colleagues and I had to eat to complete this two 'ball'

Present from dad

Another present from colleague

Another cakes from darling .. this is the cover... planning to make a mouse pad of this wonderful picture

Chocolate cake!

Present from darling

Had my eye set on this skirts a couple of weeks ago..hehehe

The sweetest DYI presents from my lovely friend
I will never forget this year's birthday .. Thank you all!!


Rose said…
that dish is chee cheong fun, i think! happy birthday! yeap, last time when I work, I used to take leave on my birthday. Now birthday no birthday, i got to open the shop.
Dav DiDi said…
Rose, well you now have ur own shop.. be own boss..its nice oh ... hehehe...

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