Lunch at Babaganoush

It's been a while since the last time I came here. Before the construction of the road to Pending, it is always a hassle to go there. The jam is terrible! Now, it feels so near from my work place.

I remember that the last time I went there, I ordered 2 glass of the sour sop drinks. Trust me, it's very natural feeling. This definitely is what I'm going to order again!

Not much photos because we are all too hungry. I only manage to capture the food picture.

Fried mee

Chicken in pandan leaves - recommended to try this 

Kailan in oyster sauce

Japanese tauhu soup

Prawn and fruits salad
Some of you might realize that I seldom put human pictures into my blog. Oh well, I still want to keep some privacy on my personal life. Cheers!


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