New World, New Beginning, New Challenge

It's been a while or should I say a very long time since my last posting. Life is getting more and more challenging for me and it seems that time is just never enough for me.

So what's been happening lately? Oh well... Little girl name Kylee are born in this world to our little family. I'll just blog the story of my labor.

11th October 2012, 2.30am - I woke up feeling the urge to go to toilet for pee and poo. After a while, I felt some sort of tummy pain which came on and off. I keep asking myself, is this sign of labor or just normal tummy pain.

After one hour of on and off pain, I wake hubby up telling him that I felt some sort of tummy pain. He ask me is it I'm going to deliver. As this is the first time for me, I really had no idea if this is the sign of labor. However, since I never felt such pain before, we decided to head up to hospital.

Hubby got very nervous and excited. He drove 100 KM/HR!! He even cross when the traffic light turns red. I told him that if he continue driving that way, I might deliver in the car. Lol !! Anyway, when we reach hospital, my water broke while walking to the labor room... That's fast!

8.30 AM - The pain is getting more and more intense. I had to undergo a lot of blood test, checking, etc .. It appears that the hospital is fully occupied and they have limited labor room. Sound like there's a lot of dragon baby on the way!

10.30 AM - The back pain is getting worst and I start to bleed. Toilet visits is getting more frequent. I can't even sit or stand for long when contraction happens. Felt like my back is going to break soon.

11.30 AM - I am already 4cm dillated and the nurse felt its time to rush me into the labor room. She first gave me medicine to poo. After that, I was rush to labor ward. At the same time, there are some doctors and trainees from a learning program attended me. They are from Australia.

12.30 PM - After one hour of battle with the pain and chit chatting with the two Australian, finally it's time to 'push'. As my friends keep on telling me that it felt like poo, I just push according to what she told me, that is, as if I'm going for a big poo. Lol.

12.43 PM - My little girl is born....


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