During my pregnant time till delivered, I've been told that breastfeeding provides the best nutrient to our baby and its benefits cannot be found in formula milk. It seems to me that breastfeeding is a very welcoming idea in the culture and it is the best for the baby.

However, being in this little hometown of mine, I've seen almost near to zero effort been put to promote and makes young mothers to breastfeed their babies. All that I see is some organization would organize breastfeeding talks, benefits, etc but almost near to zero is done to change the public view of breastfeeding.

Now, what am I talking about? I often realize when a mother breastfeed their child in public, the eyes of the public would either gives a weird look or a stare as if saying 'What are you doing exposing your boobs in public'. Oh well, babies need to be fed, right. Instead of promoting breastfeeding among mothers or mother to be, little has been done to change the public mindset about it!

Let me bring you to malls in my hometown here. If a mother bringing their baby to shop for grocery, then suddenly, little ones need milk. Where can this breastfeed mother go? There's not even a rest room or family room or breastfeed room for them to feed their babies. This result in feeding their babies in front of all the eyes. We have lots of facilities in mall but none is breastfeeding friendly. Hhmmmm...

While sitting in the church last Sunday, I realize that there's no way for me to go if baby happens to cry - not to mention place to feed the baby. Before this, I would sit at the front row of the church. However, with baby around, I chose to sit at the last row so that it will be easier for me to run out of the church if baby cry out. But where should I go? Oh well, I guess lingers around the parking area?

Malls, churches, eatery places, you name it - most places is not breastfeeding friendly at all. So, what is the use of promoting breastfeeding when there's little breastfeeding facilities around to support the claim of promoting breastfeeding?

Oh well, this is just another of my stupid ranting....


Aries said…
Oh yes, totally agree. Most places does not have space / rooms for breast feeding etc. Anyway I was a working mum that time, so I breast feed for only during the maternity leaves. Anyway I ran out of milk by the end of the 2nd month. Some of my colleague would pump milk in the office during breaks and keep it in the fridge, when baby needs it, heat it up. Their babies even have over supply of breast milk, even when their mum is working. I envy them. Maybe due to the food I eat or my health, not sure, I ran out of milk in just a couple of months, happen during when I have both my sons, 3 years apart. Happy blogging and parenting to you.
Dav DiDi said…
I'm going back to work in two days time. During my leaves, I did stock up some milk of mine and i do plan to pump at work. My target would to continue supply milk to her for min 3 mths and if possible 1 year. Hopefully, I can pump up to 1 year supply ..

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