My House

Lately, I've stuck myself at my new house. I'm still staying with my dad because my new house isn't ready yet.

HB have been hardworking too. Almost all of the works done in our house is done by our ownselves - of course with some help from experts.

Lighting - HB and his friend had been installing the downlight for almost 2 wks now..
Water heater - We finally got the heater installed.
Fans - There's 3 fan in our house: master bedroom, guest room and living room
Curtains - some parts in the house, we didn't use curtains. But for some, HB grill the curtain stick on. I'm still searching for curtains
Garden - the most tiring moment will definitely be gardening!! After 2 days of hard work, we finally 'killed' all the grass in our small garden area. HB bought jambu tree already and is eagerly thinking of planting them this weekend.

Next to be done - kitchen and wall painting touch up.

Can't wait to move in......


Rose said…
When you would be moving in??? In time for CNY??

I would be moving after CNy since not in time. Now left the kitchen part and furniture and fixture.

Got a lot of sales, so you can browse around.

I also cannot wait to move into my new home.
Dav DiDi said…
Hehehe.. should be after chinese year.. we don't plan to rush .. just do it slowly.. :)
where's ur new hse?
Rosaline said…
wow! so kiang! everything DIY!

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