My Chicken Restaurant

Where would you usually go in looking for fried chicken? I believe most of us would go to KFC. At least, for me, one of the choices would be KFC.

In getting out of idea where to have lunch, we (lunch partner in office) decided to try something new and fresh. Here we are - My Chicken Restaurant at the Tabuan new shopping complex (sorry, not so good with my location description).

Not only they have fried chicken, they also have all variety of dishes that serves with chicken. Lol! Chicken rice, fried chicken rice, nasi lemak, burger .... price wise, its reasonable - at least cheaper than some food stall.

Anyone hungry?

Fried chicken and rice

Promotion drink - guava juice, RM1

Normal cola

Chicken and chips

Looks yummy ?

Chicken rice

Fish burger

Chicken burger

Nasi Lemak

Double fried chicken and chips


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