It's been a while since the last time I had post in this blog. Life are tough recently and struggles between work and personal had makes me stay away from blogging life. 

I think it's time for me to get back on track and start updating my blog more frequently. Hopefully I won't abandon my blog anymore. I guess a lot of my readers had run away too. 

So what's new in my life? What I have been busy with? Why such a busy life? Oh well, 2015 has bring me to another step in life. It's a blessing and hopefully, I'll have all the strength I need to go through it with God's will! 

It start with my decision of further my study by taking up part time study at WOU. Yes, I'm taking up master study while working!

This year marks a lot of 'upgrading' for me. Starting with the new gift God granted me - a second child. Yes, I am now 29 weeks pregnant with boy. This means I have a pair now. A lot of people asking me if I'm going for no 3. Oh well, I'm still not sure how would I cope with 2. For now, no intention to think of 3 or more. Kekekeke !!

The third thing about my life will be career upgrading. I've got promotion and now leading a team to support other sites for all the branch at my company. This means more conference call at night but also means an upgrading in salary and benefits. It ease and helps with the increasing price of goods and for welcoming my second kid. All comes with a blessing. 

So for 2015, I'm an employee, a mom, a wife, a student and expecting to deliver in 2 months time! I hope and pray for all the strength that I can get to get me through the stress and tension in life. 

The first trip after an upgrading of my career are Shanghai. Yes! I travel to Shanghai when I'm pregnant. I'll write about that in another post. Do stay in touch! I'm back... In the mean time, let me share my daughter's picture - Frozen fan .. 


Rose said…
Hi didi! Wow! A very eventful year. It just feel like yesterday you delivered your girl and now you are going to have 2nd baby? Congrats!

Take care and hope to see you around.

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