Logos Hope

Last month, the biggest book ship is here. Anyone missed out the opportunity to go and shows your support for all the volunteers?

If I'm not mistaken, previously the book ship are called Doulos. At that time, I did not manage to get a chance to visit Doulos. After the ship change to Logos Hope, it appears that I always miss the opportunity.

This year, I try to make an effort of visitin them! Yeah...

They berth at the Pending port in early April. As my office is quite near with the port, I use the opportunity of my lunch hour to pay a visit to them. Entrance fee is RM1 which I think is cheap. As the crew are basically a volunteer from all across the country, they do not have much income. The money collected are use to support the crews and maintenance of the ship.

I like being on board the ship! If I'm still young, I would wish to be one of the volunteers, travelling all around the world in ship. I bet, it must be the most thrilling experience one could have.

Now that they are on their way to the next destination, I pray that they will get their support as much as possible. It is not easy to operate such a noble mission here.

As for me, I bought some books for my kids and souvenirs too. Will look forward for their return next year.


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