Sleeping Style of a Toddler

What do you think a sleeping pose for a baby or toddler? As innocent as they are, their sleeping style shows how worry free they are.

Not sure about other kids, but I'm sure my little girl do enjoy sleeping very much. She can have all sorts of ways and style in sleeping. Sometimes, I do think that a king size bed won't even enough for her. Lol!!

Yoga pose: the child pose

Yoga pose? Savasana

Dancing pose?

Sexy pose

90 degree pose. Lol!!

Again, her favourite savasana pose 
Oppa Gangnam Style?

Gymnastic pose

Someitmes (actually most of the time!) I get struck by her at night - on the face, tummy and even my boobs! Sometimes, her butt are on my face. Haihzz..

How I wish I can be so worry-free like the little kids. They are such a precious little gift!


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