English & Me

Yesterday, when talking to my dad, I was actually blur and confuse as I am feeling quite sleepy and thinking of 'malichai beehoon'. Hahahaha, I thought my dad cook malichai beehoon for dinner but instead he cook fried rice.

Then, there is an advertisement in the tv showing groups of kids disturbing 2 boys reading "New Strait Times". Then, another 'orang putih' came in and ask for direction. As the groups are spoilt kids without knowledge, they do not know what is she asking. The 2 boys later direct the girl.

My dad suddenly ask me "Your friend know how to speak English or not?". For a moment, I'm confuse who is he talking about. Then he say my friend that usually come here. Of course I say yes but my dad ask why when talk to him, no response. Like talking to PoohPooh, only shaking and looking at you with the big eye. Whahaha, at the moment, I'm laughing. Then after another thought, my dad is actually comparing him with my niece's bf. He speaks and created conversation easily. Which in another word, extremely sociable. Well, first, I wonder why the Chin family use to address bf with the words "friend". Second, I get nervous and panic when out of sudden, my dad talk about him.

I guess my dad is trying to have a conversation with him but as he is the quiet type, he can't find any topics to talk to him. Also, he is not sure whether to start the conversation in English or Bahasa. Being in government sector all his life, he has no problem with both but I guess he is much comfortable speaking in English, in which most of my relatives is beginning to get too English.

For me, I do agree that English is very important. Our own language is also important but in communicating with the society here, English is extremely important. It is a center in dividing people apart.

Lastime, I always feel shy and had no courage to speak in English. But as I enter Uni, I had no choice but to make full use of English. All my lecturer are from Australia & France. The only way to speak to them is via English. So, yes. English is extremely important.

Well, I mention what my dad say to bf. Not sure but I do hope that both this two guy can communicate nicely and comfortably. Hopefully their relationship can be better and not just I know you, you know me type of relationship....


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