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Cuti Cuti Malaysia - Penang (Part II), Deep Sea

Hhmmm, shall I call this deep green sea?? It looks more green than blue bah....

I wonder if there is any 'ham sap' trying to see people's pants here.. hhmmmmm....

2 tell DD:

The World According To Me 7:47 PM  

Wow, I wish I was in that deep green sea now! Just splashing away and soaking up the sunshine. Instead I'm sitting at my desk at work, listening to the rain against the window pane. Sigh. Oh well!

Great pics!

Dav DiDi 8:19 AM  

Hi ...

Hehehe , yeah, I wish I'm there tooo .. but i'm also stuck in front of my pc , doing things in order to have money to spend.. haaiihhzz

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