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Human or Inhuman - What Happen to our World?

Hhmm, I actually realize that our world is turning upside down. Not on the political or economical way but in the sense of human thinking. God gives us brain to think and to takes care Earth. But why is it that mankind is getting more and more irrational in thinking?

Last week, as usual, I gave the stray dog (or in words, a pet dogs that becomes a stray dog) dinner. I realize there are one big wound in his body, from hot water. My first impression, what kind of human would pour hot water on a dog that doesn't harm a soul??!! Why I say so? Well, this dog is extremely friendly and good. He is easy to teach and not bark for nothing. He don't chase any bikers or cars that passing by.

OK, fine, the next impression is why the hack his master didn't do anything about him? He is hurt and yet the master just let him wondering around the neighbourhood. Not to mention, didn't feed this poor little dog. Compare with my dog, I think he is older by few months only. My iron dog is 10 mths old now.

The next day, I went to pet shop, grab a medicine spray (not cheap, you know!) and spray it on his body. He runs the moment I spray. I think it's iodine because the color is purple. That would really hurts him but I rather him feeling pain now than seeing him suffer with those wounds. Each night I got home from work, he would wait for me to give him food or for some pat on his head.

THis morning, I read a posting from one bloggers about some artist starving a dog to death just for the sake of art. What kind of art is that? If I'm a king, I'm gonna tie him/her and let him starve to death in the name of ART!! Dog, cats, etc.. They have life. They deserve to be part of this world. Without them, we human are just simply alone!! They keep us company and they will never betray us!

Anyone who is still a human.. please sign the petition in the posting of this blog... (

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Kok 1:38 PM  

It's very kind of you to feed the dog and gave medicine to him when he's hurt. Nowadays, people just act to their feeling. When they are furious, they'll just do anything including harming the people/pets around them. *sigh*

Dav DiDi 2:50 PM  

Thanks for the compliment .. for me, I think dogs is very cute .. they are man best friend ... I have dogs too and can't really think what it's like if someone treat her badly..

This dog ... well, other than giving him food, I teach him "hand" command... surprisingly, he understood it more than my own dog! even know how to give his hand from left to right ...

Kok 3:26 PM  

I also think dogs are cute, as well as cats, hamsters and so on... Pets can really cheer men up!:)

Wah, really? I think his master did teach him something just that, at the same time, torture him?

Dav DiDi 3:35 PM  

Hhmmm.. maybe the owner did teach something ... not sure how the owner treat the dog .. But I know the dog is left without food for 1 full wk on Gawai .....

I used to have minnie mouse and hamster .. But then slowly one by one died ... I think maybe coz their blood is too mixed .. grandpa xx with grand-daughter, daughter with cousin, etc etc.. makes the DNA become unstable?? haha ...

used to have cats but my dog chase it away ... it's a stray cat that came and became my cat ... and left when I got my previous dog ... and when my previous dog died, I adopt one from SSPCA :)

Rabbit 11:53 PM  

hey didi! Thanks for linking up! Are u the didi that i know in real life? As in, jems's sister?

Dav DiDi 8:14 AM  

Hi Hi ..

Errmmm.. i dont think i know you ... hehehe .. anyway, thanks for dropping by ya....

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